Sustainability is not someone else’s problem,
it is our problem.


At Sourcespot we take ownership for building sustainable supply chains. We have a very clear direction on how to play our part and it revolves around three key pillars of supply chain sustainability



We believe in radical transparency. This means we operate up front with expectations around sustainability with both brands and suppliers on sustainable terms of engagement. We also employ annual governance to ensure consistency of application and if we need to evolve on any point. There are never any surprises for any stakeholders.



We invest time and resources in staying up to date with the circular economy and sustainability initiatives. This means at the Discovery stage when materials, packaging and production dynamics are discussed, at the Sourcing stage when green supply chains are actioned and at the Governance stage when formal and informal monitoring is required, Sourcespot is a valuable contributing partner for ethical supply chains.


Walk the Talk:

Sustainability starts with us. All our organizational decisions around packaging, energy, waste, transport, and water use are done to manage resources efficiently and to minimize impact on the environment.

There is no economic wellness without the planet’s wellness. Sourcespot remains committed to reducing the environmental impact of our operations, sourcing goods on behalf of brands, and the suppliers that make them.

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